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Monday, May 11, 2009

May Chiropractic practice Gem of the Month!


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- Practice Gem of the Month:

Thank you Dr. Russ Rosen and Dr. Angie Meyer with Rosen Chiropractic Coaching for :
"How do I run a successful wellness chiropractic practice without using scare tactics?"

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Practice Gem of the Month:

"How do I run a successful wellness chiropractic practice without using scare tactics?"

By Dr. Russ Rosen

Founder and CEO of Rosen Coaching


There are companies out there that pride themselves on "scaring their patients" into submission
by using threats of the "devastating effects of subluxations." Rest assured, I absolutely understand
the life limiting and devastating effects of subluxations, but I do not ever feel it is appropriate or
necessary to "scare someone into care."

Imagine yourself a new patient in my office, you are in pain and you are scared. You have already heard
weird things about these cracktopopers, and I come in to greet you and I start to scare the heck out of you... remember
that is my intent. I start telling you about the devastating effects of this subluxation and that you will die a miserable slow death
if you don't become a patient of mine for life... How is your breathing, how do you feel? Do you feel that you can heal from this
space? As a doctor is this the place you want to open up a relationship with another human being who is in need?

We've all been manipulated by hype and fear. We've had the high pressure car salesperson put the pen in our hand and tell us to sign. So, how did that feel for you? When people try to scare you into a relationship or agreement it may work for the short run, but does it work for the long run? Does it lead to long term healthy enjoyable relationships?

I remember being with a group of chiropractors using a very well known practice management company, and they were boasting about how many people burst into tears when the doctor finally told the patient the terrible news, that they had subluxations. The doctors felt that if the patients did not react the same as if they were told they had cancer, then the doctors didn't do their job right.

In my experience there are better, more honest and honoring ways to communicate what we know with our patients, while attaining better results in the long run.

From my perspective, running a successful chiropractic practice is all about connecting with and empowering other human beings; not about controlling your patients. It's about using "patient care tactics" not "patient scare tactics." I don't feel it is ever needed or appropriate to use fear tactics or hype them up on emotions to get them to sign, or to do what we want them to do.

Patient Care is all about treating our patients as we would want to be treated.

Start by assuming your patients are bright, intelligent and loving human beings who want the same thing you want; - a solution to their problems. Learn to listen and speak your truth in an honoring non-confrontational way. Tell your patients what I call truth and consequences, always give them reasonable choices and you will never need to dishonor yourself or them with "scare tactics" again.

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