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Thursday, March 12, 2009

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How do you make more money and convert more patients using the Internet?

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Dr. Brian Seymore of Maryland Spine Institute

March Practice Gem:

How do you make more money and convert more patients using the Internet?

“Beyond Website Traffic, Where is the Beef, Conversion Counts” by Matt Prados

Many people talk about driving traffic to your website or having your site ranked
high on Google. I have consulted so many chiropractors that have that yet with their poorly
designed website or virtual brochure they may get 100 people per month to visit
their site but 0 calls!

Every month 3,844,000 people search chiropractic on google in the United States.
With only 50,000 chiropractors in the US that would mean about 80
new patient leads for
each doctor if they were evenly spread out. Are you getting your fair share?
A survey done in 2006 showed that 74% of adults in the US go to the internet
when they want to learn about something or make a new purchase.

Do you get 80 leads per week?

Do you have a virtual brochure?

Look at your website and see if you were a patient in pain looking for help would
your website be enough to get you to call in to your office?

If you think so now look is your phone number even on the front page?

Funny but true.

The chiropractic profession needs to stop looking at their websites as a
chiropractor and start looking as a patient in pain.

Start studying “conversion optimization” this is what is wrong with 99% of all
chiropractic website today.

Because at the end of the day if your site isn’t producing new patients why bother
having it?

Any website design company worth the price of admission should not have any longer
term contract because if you aren’t happy with their service you should be able
to walk away.

May all your traffic convert!

For a FREE e-book on chiropractic web design, social media and internet marketing
visit our website at

Matt Prados
(714) 664-5120

Featured Company:

Please go to as they have some great ideas and tools to help you build your practice!

Matt Prados is extremely easy to get a hold of and is very quick to respond to e-mail inquiries.

Everyone can learn more about the web and how it can help potential patients find us.

Featured Doctor:

Dr. Brian Seymore of Maryland Spine Institute.

He is always willing to give advice and is a wealth of knowledge.

He has many valuable research articles on his website that you can use on your website or as patient education including:

1. “The spinal discs are avascular, meaning they don’t have an independent
blood supply. So they cannot heal

on their own, they require compression and
decompression (pumping action found in normal motion of healthy discs)

to allow
oxygen and nutrients into the disc, which promote healing.”
View Research

McNally DS, Adams MA. Internal Intervertebral Disc Mechanics as Revealed by Stress Profilometry. Spine 1992; 17:66-73.

2. “Abnormal stresses (e.g. decreased disc height, herniation, etc.) through
the discs prevent exchange of

oxygen and nutrients which causes metabolic
breakdown of the disc. This breakdown leads to further breakdown

of the disc.”
View Research

Handa, et al. Effects of hydrostatic pressure on matrix synthesis and
matrix metalloproteinase

production in the human lumbar intervertebral disc.
Spine 1997; 22:1085-91.

3. “Prolonged stresses through the spinal discs inhibit healing of the disc,
and leads to

prolonged degeneration of the disc.”

View Research

Liu et al. Nitric Oxide Mediates the Change of Proteoglycan Synthesis in
the Human Lumbar Intervertebral

Disc in Response to Hydrostatic Pressure.
Spine 2001; 26(2):134-41.

4. “70% to 83% of spinal surgeries are FAILURES… meaning the patient has
the same pain or worse pain afterward.”

View Research

Dvorak, J. Gauchat M., and Valach L. The Outcome of Surgery for Lumbar Disc
Herniation. A 4-7 Years

Follow-up with Emphasis on Somatic Aspects. Spine,
Volume 13., No 12., 1988, 1418-1427.

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